APA rated certification (APA The Engineered wood association)  APA is the association that tests most of the strural panels around the world.
APA rate marks certificates the accomplishment of American standard for structural housing panels. (Avaliable both with certification and without it) 

Termite attack and fungal decay protectionFungal decay protection is achieved by adding three times the a mount of zinc
borate that has proven to be harmful to termite. Additionally, this dosage of zinc berates also acts as a fire retardant.

Technical Spac

Size : 1,22 *2,44m.
Thickness : 9,5 mm. 11,1 mm. 15,1 mm.
(T&G) : 18,3 mm.
N panels/pallets: 84 Uni. 72 Uni. 53 Uni. 45 Uni.
Weight : 20.4 kg,22.8 kg, 30.5 kg, 35.9 kg.